For Your Future! 10 Reasons:

Real estate can be a fantastic investment for you, your family, and even your estate!

  1. Leverage the right down payment for the best return on your investment.

  2. Produce monthly spendable income

  3. Tenants pay down your debt

  4. Tax advantages to help offset income

  5. Possible appreciation over time

  6. The ability to draw cash out

  7. Do a 1031 Exchange (tax deferred) into a more lucrative property

  8. Invest in passive “mail box” money

  9. Use the property’s projected income to help qualify for the purchase

  10. Fix-and-Flip or Buy-and-Hold

BONUS: Superior tax advantages for your estate and your heirs!

NOW is the time. Central Ohio is booming! Call me today to discuss how you can get started or trade up.

Call me today at (614) 568-3250... or Email me at YouCantu@gmail.com



Parker Realty Associates

Columbus, O-H-I-O!

(614) 568-3250

Ohio DRE # 2017005362

Also licensed in California:

Homesmart Evergreen Realty 

Aliso Viejo,  CA 
CA  DRE # 01358896
Cell:  (949) 510-1412


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