It's about you and your family!

Years ago, my wife and I sat on the other side of the table, as an agent spoke with us about selling our home.

Of course we wanted to get the best price for our house; but at that moment, nothing was more important to us than knowing that the agent sitting across from us was looking out for our best interests. Our family’s hopes and dreams were in his hands. We needed someone we could trust, and who would honor that trust.

That is my promise to you. Not only will I give you the information you need to make wise decisions, not only will I listen to you to learn your wants and needs, but I will treat you the way I want my own family to be treated. I’ll do a great job for you and earn your trust!

It’s never too early to talk!

Call me today at 614.568.3250

Parker Realty Associates

Columbus, O-H-I-O!

(614) 568-3250

Ohio DRE # 2017005362

Also licensed in California:

Homesmart Evergreen Realty 

Aliso Viejo,  CA 
CA  DRE # 01358896
Cell:  (949) 510-1412


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